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Return address

For all CARRERA products, please contact our service hotline:
Phone: +49(211) – 542 822 – 900
or send an email to

Manufacturer’s Warranty

As manufacturer, we are responsible for the quality and functionality of our products. For this appliance we provide a 24 month warranty with effect from the date of purchase.

Within this warranty period we will, at our sole option and free of charge, remedy all defects based on material or manufacturing faults either by repair or replacement of the appliance.

Warranty services are rendered only on presentation of the proof of purchase.

This warranty is applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the European countries where this CARRERA product is sold with our authorisation. A list of countries of the service partners authorised by us including their respective contact data can be found on our service page.

The following are exempt from warranty: Components subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. replacement parts such as the shaving foil or cutting blades). Defects that affect the value or usability of the appliance insignificantly only.

Defects caused by improper handling or insufficient maintenance and care of the appliance, defects due to non-compliance with the applicable safety precautions and data stated on the type plate, defects due to interventions by non-authorised persons and the use of any replacement parts other than the original replacement parts as well as damages caused by accidents such as fire, water or other external influences. Damages due to commercial use.

The warranty period will not be extended by the replacement of the appliance. In any case, it will expire 24 and/or 36 months from the date of purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The statutory warranty rights of the consumer will not be reduced or amended by the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your product has already exceeded the granted manufacturer’s warranty, it served you longer and more reliably than most of the comparable products. However, we are sorry that your CARRERA product does not make you happy anymore. As the warranty has already expired, we regret that we cannot replace it anymore.

If you are still entitled to warranty services, please continue reading.

Warranty process

First, email us at and ask for a Returns Form. In your email, please state:

  1. the reason for your complaint (in brief)
  2. the article number (on the back of your appliance)
  3. a digital picture or scan of your original receipt

We’ll need all three items of information to start the warranty process.

You can also give us a call at +49(211) – 542 822 – 900 and tell us the necessary information. Instead of the picture or scan, it’s sufficient to tell us the date of purchase.

As soon as our service people get your information, they’ll create a job number and send you a DHL Returns Sticker. Once you have that, you can send your CARRERA product back to us free of charge. Please be sure to include a copy of the original receipt of purchase as proof of warranty. That can be the sales slip, the bill of delivery or the invoice.


Wear parts (parts you can buy spares for, such as foils or blades) are not covered by the warranty. They have shorter lifecycles and should be replaced regularly. We could send you some, but you’d have to pay for them. Same as you would for your hammer drill or your electric toothbrush.

Any questions? Feel free to call us on +49(211) – 542 822 – 900
or mail us at: