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Carrera on „Toast-Liebe – Seid Ihr süß oder deftig?“ Read now

Carrera on Mommies Use Side Door

Mommies Use Side Door „R.I.P. Mein geliebter Toaster! Der etwas andere Produkttest!“ Read now

Carrera on Hauptstadt-Mutti

Hauptstadt-Mutti „Food Friday: Nichts geht über Toast-Hawaii: Der Carrera Toaster №552 im Test“ Read now

Carrera in Bold

High performance Interview – Bold Article “Things of Beauty“ and interview with marketing specialist Bastian Kühl about CARRERA's openness and Omnisex. Read now

Life's a race

We take it sportive. Regarding physics. And competition. And everything we do. Read now

“For us, it’s all about
performance and power,
and the right materials –
with no bells and
whistles anywhere.“


“When we developed
our products, we simply
imagined we were
developing a sports car.“


Making of

Carrera – isn’t that a car? Watch the Making Of for ’Making a Difference’. Watch the video here

Carrera in Blonde

The Blonde shows which tools are best for modelling your bushes. Read now

Carrera in Rampstyle

Reduced to the max – Everyday Appliances of Beauty, or: How Do I Re-invent My Brand? Read now