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Hair Dryer №532

Power to go.

CARRERA №532 Travel Hair Dryer total view

Want a compact hairdryer with all the features of your favourite full-size drier? How about one with permanent ionization, dual voltage, an airstream enriched with argan oil and keratin, two heat settings, Cool Shot, an overheat cutout and up to 1600 watts of power?

  • Power Boost 1.600 Watt
    high-quality, long-life
  • Ionisation
  • Titanium and Ceramic
  • Dual Voltage for
    global use
  • 2 heat and speed settings
  • Practical folding handle
CARRERA №532 Travel Hair Dryer view of the AC turbine part1 CARRERA №532 Travel Hair Dryer view of the AC turbine part2

When size matters.

When you’re travelling, you need a dryer that’s lightweight and compact. Our folding handle not only saves space, it makes you more flexible too – by letting you put your dryer in your hand luggage, not in the hold.

CARRERA №532 Travel Hair Dryer side view handle folded up CARRERA №532 Travel Hair Dryer side view handle folded out

One world. Dual voltage.

Like so many of the world’s resources, power is not spread evenly. Some outlets supply 100V, others 220V. And even if you have the right adapter, doesn’t mean your hairdryer will work properly when you plug it in. To solve this problem, our compact hairdryer has Dual Voltage. It’s so much easier than packing a transformer.





Hair was made to shine. Everywhere.

Why leave your look at home when you travel? Our compact dryer comes complete with life-saving features like an airstream enriched with argan oil and keratin, plus a ceramic-coated exit grille. For perfect holiday hair – and sensational selfies.

CARRERA №532 Travel Hair Dryer side view
  • 1600 watts

    A compact dryer with a Power Boost that delivers more than 2PS? Sure, why not? Plus a streamlined air shovel that gives you power to spare in all four corners of the world?

  • Titanium ceramic coating

    The better the materials, the better the motor. And the better the coating, the better the materials will be. We coat ours in titanium for high corrosion resistance, and ceramics for extreme mechanical rigidity. After all, hairdryers don’t always enjoy the luxury of air conditioning when they’re travelling.

  • Ionization

    You want to dry and style your hair, not fill it with static electricity (unless your travel destination is a theme party). That means you need ions, or atoms with a negative charge, in the airstream. Ions care for your hair and smooth the external cuticles for a healthy, silky look.

  • We love details

    We certainly said that before. However, this love does not just stop at the packaging. So our tools are presented on CARRERA yellow background with a little text informing about the key features.

  • Protective bag

    A storage bag not only pays off when travelling, but also protects your appliance from sharp edges. We’re just saying.

Product specs

Product specs

1600 W power
Dual voltage switch: 110 V / 240 V for global use
Ceramic coated air outlet grille to ensure even heat distribution
Permanently ionised
Air flow infused with argan oil & keratin for perfectly shiny hair
2 heat / 2 speed settings adjustable via sliding switch (0, 1, 2)
Practical folding handle
Cool shot
Protection against overheating
Colour: CRR Graphite Grey / Titanium
Accessories: styling nozzle, storage pouch
EAN: 4250812801678

Price: €39.90* – plus shipping costs – Delivery time: 3-4 days Images can deviate from product

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