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Water Kettle №551

Precision for your preferred temperature

CARRERA Electric kettle No 551 CARRERA Glass Water Kettle №651

Delicate teas need a kettle that cares.

This variable temperature electric kettle is ideal for tea lovers who know that boiling water isn’t always best. Just press a button to preselect 100, 90, 80, 60 or 40 degrees Celsius ... then get ready for that delicate cup of fragrant jasmine tea. Your kettle’s materials can affect the taste of your hot beverages too. So it’s wise to choose one that's made of stainless steel.

Sensors as sensitive
as a baby.

The best kettles don’t just reach the preset temperature fast – they hold it for a long time afterwards, faithful to a single degree. This simmer function always features in kettle product reviews because it’s crucial when preparing baby food gently so it’s easy to digest. We believe (and most infants will agree) that every degree counts, so our ultra-sensitive sensor never takes its eye off the temperature for a full thirty minutes. Instead of just putting the sensor in the handle, we went the extra mile and embedded it right below the heating element. This keeps steam away from the sensor – for accurate readings you can trust.

CARRERA Electric kettle No 551 CARRERA Glass Water Kettle №651

Stainless steel kettle vs. glass kettle

Feature-wise, the two are twins. Both have a hefty 2200 W power rating, push-button temp settings for 40°/60°/80°/90°/100 °C, a taste-neutral 1.7L thermal jug and a 30 min. simmer function. The rest is a matter of style: choose stainless steel for a classic look, or elegant glass if you like to watch your water boil.

Any questions about the application or recipes?


Having questions about the application? Our CARRERA Powerfood expert is here to help!

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  • 2200 W power.

    We chose that rating carefully. On the one hand, it boils 1.7 litres of water in just few seconds. On the other, it won’t blow a fuse every time you use it in older kitchens.

  • LED-lit buttons.

    Pampered by our elegant smart phones, fingers now expect the same feeling when they interact with a kettle too. Our quality LED buttons are touch-sensitive – no need to press.

  • Push-button opening.

    The lid opens a full 90 degrees for easy, contortion-free cleaning. And slowly, to stop hot condensed water from splashing.

  • BPA-frei.

    Für maximale Performance sind Technik und ausgewählte Materialien gleichermaßen entscheidend. Dabei kommt es nicht so sehr darauf an, dass ein hochwertiger Wasserkocher ohne Plastik auskommt, aber alle Teile sollten ohne Weichmacher und BPA-frei sein.

Product specs

Product specs

2,200 Watt Power
Push-button temperature setting (40°/ 60°/ 80°/ 90°/ boiling / temp control) – perfect for baby food or delicate green tea
Illuminated LED buttons
Stainless steel housing for natural, unadulterated taste
BPA free
Capacity 1.7 l
Temp control for 30 minutes
Push-button lid opens 90° for easy cleaning
360° swivel base and water level indicator on both sides for right-handed and left-handed users
Concealed heating element
Detachable lime-scale filter
Overheat safety protection
Boil dry protection
Auto shut-off after 30 minutes temp control, or when lifted off base
Anti-slip feet
Precision spout for non-drip pouring
Integrated cable coil in base
EAN: 4250812803214

Price: €159.00* – plus shipping costs – Currently not available Images can deviate from product

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