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Toaster №552

High tech for toast.

CARRERA Toaster 552

Pure pleasure: toaster with quartz ceramic heating elements.

Most cheap toasters have wire heating elements, which are hopelessly outdated. Quartz ceramic heating elements are the modern alternative; they emit no formaldehyde, use less electricity and toast more evenly. They may be a luxury, but you can taste the difference every day. And with no wires to worry about, you can finally clean the toasting chambers properly, even with a damp cloth. Tempted? Go straight to our shop and click ’Buy Toaster’.


Quartz ceramic toast? Yes please.

Modern quartz ceramic elements toast evenly, slice after slice, and they never overheat and die. Quartz ceramic technology lasts longer, is more efficient, and doesn't give off formaldehyde fumes.

Quartz toasters make everything crisp.

The 4 glass-coated quartz ceramic heating elements centre bread automatically. The mirror-finish toasting chambers reflect heat perfectly for smooth, even toasting. Even during longer sessions, each piece of toast comes out exactly the same. Bread, rolls and frozen items come out crisp and toasty too. And since no current flows through the fully insulated chambers, you could even dislodge toast with a fork if you want.

CARRERA Toaster 552

A perfect tan every time.

When it comes to crisp and crunchy, everyone has their own preferences. The digital control unit has 9 precision settings for the perfect shade of brown from first slice to the last. The practical memory feature lets you store your favourite settings easily, and the reassuring visual countdown makes toaster scenes like the one in Pulp Fiction a thing of the past.

CARRERA Toaster 552
Any questions about the application or recipes?


Having questions about the application? Our CARRERA Powerfood expert is here to help!

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  • Defrosting.

    To defrost bread, rolls or waffles, just press a button. The additional Boost feature removes frozen moisture really fast – for exceptionally crispy results.

  • Versatile warming rack.

    Whatever your favourite rolls are, our toaster with warming rack can handle them. Even the more obscure varieties turn out crisp and toasty every time.

  • Zero watts in standby mode

    Most people agree it makes sense to use less power, so why not start with things nobody misses anyway? Our eco-friendly standby mode does just that.

Product specs

Product specs

4 glass-coated quartz ceramic heating elements for even browning
Digital control unit with 9 shade settings and visual countdown
Stores your preferred toast settings
Integrated, dial-operated bun warming rack
Zero watt consumption in Eco standby mode
Insulated casing and mirror-finish slots for higher efficiency
Reheat function for cold toast
Produces no formaldehyde
Defrost button with booster for crispier results
Toast lift makes even small slices easy to remove
Centres bread automatically
Crumb tray
Cable bay for easy storage
EAN: 4250812803122

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