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Power Charger №526

One Power Charger for all
CARRERA grooming tools.

CARRERA Power Charger №526
  • Crr toolsmcharger 623 CARRERA Trimmer №623
  • Crr toolsmcharger 421 CARRERA Shaver №421
  • Crr toolsmcharger 622 CARRERA Hair Clipper №622
  • Crr toolsmcharger 521 CARRERA Shaver №521

Even the most
powerful grooming
tool has to refuel

The best place for our grooming tools is out on the job, looking after your face. The second place: our universal power charger. Simply park your CARRERA in backwards – then admire the new design highlight in your bathroom while it recharges.

Nothing succeeds
like suction.

When it comes to stability, our CARRERA Power Charger sets a good example. This docking station can handle anything that flies around your bathroom without budging an inch, or a centimeter. The secret? A powerful suction pad. Just set it down, then twist to lock.

CARRERA Power Charger №526
Performance in Every Detail goes
for our power charger too.
  • USB Charging.

    Our universal Power Charger works with mains outlets, and also with every USB power source that offers not more than 5V and 1000mAh - at home or on the road.

  • Flexible silicon insert.

    A toothed silicon crown adapts perfectly to the back of every CARRERA grooming tool. It provides a firm hold that’s flexible enough for all models in four different series.

Product specs

Product specs

Universal charging station
Compatible with these CARRERA grooming tools Shaver №421, Shaver №521, Hair clipper №622, Beard trimmer №623
Flexible silicone input adapts easily to the size of each product
Stable standing by easily fixable suction mechanism
Accessories: USB cable
EAN: 4250812804495

Price: €29.90* – plus shipping costs – Delivery time: 3-4 days Images can deviate from product

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