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Hand blender №555

Our recipe: Power and Longevity.

CARRERA №555 Hand Blender

Stirs and kneads through thick and thin.

Whether you’re experimenting with bread dough and cake batters, perfecting your very own pizza dough or simply whipping cream, your CARRERA hand mixer won’t let you down. With its stainless steel whisks and dough hooks, it does all the hard work and leaves you free to explore the creative side of things. In the wonderful world of desserts, it has the power you need to make your creations as light and creamy as you dreamed they would be. Feel free to experiment – and astonish your guests with the cupcakes, crepes and crumbles you serve up. You can choose your ingredients on the spur of the moment, or follow your current food philosophy; either way, the kitchen is all yours.

Open handle – it’s easy to grasp the benefits.

Making dough or batter should be fun, not hard work. At CARRERA, that starts with the design of the mixer. The open handle not only looks cool and elegant, it’s also more ergonomic because you can hold your mixer in the way that feels most comfortable. And when mixing feels natural and fun, you can mix, knead, beat, whip and fold to your heart’s content for hours on end. In fact, the only limits are your imagination.

Details matter when you’re baking.

Power and stamina are great to have, but it’s the little extras that turn an electric hand mixer into a go-to favourite tool. After all, when you love something you want to use it every day – and the best start for healthy, delicious baking is a perfect tool. To make ours better still, we gave it a practical spiral power cord for fuss-free working and compact storage. Plus a smart silicon pad that doesn’t slip even when spilt milk or flour-dust add some creative chaos to your workspace.

Power, stamina and more.

Looking for a hand mixer that blends timeless design and effortless operation with the finest materials? Welcome to CARRERA! Enjoy effortless beating and kneading – and get ready for the heavenly smell of home baking that fills your kitchen when you open the oven door. Yum!

  • 4 speed levels
    plus Turbo Boost
  • Spiral cord
    for safe working and
    storage in
    the kitchen
  • Powerful, longlived
    AC motor with 300 Watts
  • Rear with
    silicone surface
    for a safe placing
  • Valuable beater
    and dough hook made from
    stainless steel

    suited for the
Hm 05
Auch für unseren Handmixer gilt:
Performance kommt aus jedem Detail.
  • Practical spiral cord. The self-retracting power cord saves space in the kitchen and helps you work safely by keeping out of the way. And when your mixer goes back in the cupboard, it’s nice and compact.

  • Nothing beats (like) stainless steel When it comes to whisks and dough hooks – the components that transfer the power of the CARRERA motor to your batter or dough – only stainless steel will do. You’ll soon see why. And you’ll be glad they can go in the dishwasher too.

Product specs

Product specs

Power: 300 W
Powerful, durable AC motor
4 speed settings plus turbo boost function
High-quality stainless steel beater and dough hooks – dishwasher safe
Rear with silicone supporting surface for setting the unit aside
Coiled cord for safe operation and easy storage in the kitchen
Eject button
EAN: 4250812803405

Price: €79.90* – plus shipping costs – Delivery time: 3-4 days Images can deviate from product

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