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Blender №655

Modern quadrathlon: Crush, Mix, Cook, Steam.

CARRERA Electric Blender 655

In a complex world, performance means being able to master a wide range of challenges. Our blender is a true multi-tasker that breaks down barriers to provide more versatility and less fuss on a smaller footprint. For more tasty vitamins on the table – and less chaos in the kitchen.
From shakes to green smoothies, 20,000 rpm makes everything you get from a tree, vegetable patch or supermarket creamy. Why not buy the perfect electric blender right here?

An electric blender with 1,500 watts. More soup, less bother.

Soups are real superfoods – and sadly under-appreciated. With the right blender, you can make healthy spoon food in minutes. Proper blenders have their own heating plate (non-stick!), instead of just getting heat from the friction of the rotating blades. For the sake of simplicity, ours has automatic program presets for coarse and fine soups. All you have to do is source the healthy ingredients.

One dial does it all.

Surprisingly, none of the electric blenders we tested had a clear, intuitive interface. So our UX designer developed a smart dial switch, then linked everyday blender tasks to simple automatic sequences. All you do is press ’start’ and head for the couch. More creative users can switch to manual and set the temperature, time and rpm individually – then experiment to their hearts’ content.

Textured puréed soup

Creamy puréed soup


Manual mode

Steam mode

Ice crush

Automatic cleaning program

CARRERA Electric Blender 655
Sm digital knob r
Sm digi fast Sm digi normal

Steams water, not vitamins.

We never stop inventing new recipes for our electric blender. Not because we follow food trends blindly, but because we know how important healthy eating is – especially for athletes. Our blender makes super-creamy protein shakes, and also steams vegetables in a vitamin-friendly fashion. So it’s definitely worth getting the good organic broccoli and carrots from your local farm shop. You could say your electric blender moonlights as a vitamin saver.

CARRERA Electric Blender 655

Crushed ice from your electric blender. For perfect cocktails and long drinks.

Ice cubes just don’t have enough surface area to cool effectively. What you need is an electric blender with an ice crusher. The most important criterion (apart from power) is a proper glass jug that withstands the forces at work at 20,000 rpm, insulates the contents better, and doesn’t go opaque like its plastic counterparts. You can blend frozen berries, spinach or green cabbage too. Nobody says you have to wash it down with vodka.

Pasta from the blender

Cooking with little space – We have lots of
great ideas for recipes that aren't just healthy,
but also really quick to implement. For
example Pasta with Winter Pesto. Go to recipe

Any questions about the application or recipes?


Having questions about the application? Our CARRERA Powerfood expert is here to help!

Ask the Powerfood expert
Our electric blender is no exception: power comes from the details.
  • 20,000 rpm.

    Whereas Formula One car engines are limited to 15,000 rpm, CARRERA takes you right up to 20,000 in the comfort of your own kitchen. No problem at all for a 1,500 watt electric blender.

  • Heating plate with 2-fold non-stick coating.

    How many hours of your life have you wasted stirring things while they cook? Now you can delegate that to your electric blender instead and get on with more important stuff. We guarantee nothing will burn.

  • Automatic cleaning program.

    Just add a drop of washing up liquid and a little water, then press the button. That’s all it takes to clean a well-designed electric blender. Why can’t cleaning your teeth be that simple? (OK, rinsing your mouth out afterwards is).

  • Kitchen helper.

    These accessories are as smart as the machine itself. The steamer prepares vegetables, meat and fish gently. The stirrer makes stirring easy before, during and after you blend. And the cleaning brush is ideal for removing stubborn leftovers.

Product specs

Product specs

Intuitive controls with automated program presets
20,000 rpm for smoother, more flavourful desserts and smoothies
Heating surface with long-life 2-layer non-stick coating for fi ne soups, sauces and jams
Steamer mode and steamer insert (BPA free) for healthier cooking
Digital dial with LED display for time, temperature and rpm
Create your own recipes in manual mode
Compact design suits any kitchen
4 stainless steel butterfly blades – perfect for everything from crushed ice to smooth, creamy purees
1.75 litre thermal glass jug
Automatic cleaning program
Dual safety lock in base and lid
Overheat protection and safety cutout
Integrated cable coil
Accessories: steamer insert, silicone scraper and cleaning brush
1,500 watt power
EAN: 4250812803153

Price: €499.00* – plus shipping costs – Currently not available Images can deviate from product
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