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Pasta Pesto

Cooking pasta with a blender? No problem. We recommend pasta with home-made pesto: Six simple steps to your ready-to-eat Pasta Pesto using the CARRERA Blender. Read now

A healthy tan from the inside – here comes our Suncare Smoothie for a healthy complexion

Is the sun getting to your skin? Forget carotene capsules – our smoothie will equip you perfectly for intensive summer sun. Read now

Lunch or breakfast to go – our Satisfying Smoothie

Do you feel tired at work after lunch? Our Satisfying Smoothie puts you back in the fast lane. Read now

A low-calorie vitamin boost for your immune system

Fast, delicious, healthy and hidden inside a smoothie – a fresh take on vitamins Read now

Vodka meets cucumber and lime – strong and delicious

Delicious drinks: we make vodka taste really good Read now

A bikini body from the grill: powerfood is delicious and healthy

Grill and feast without putting on weight? Sounds like a good recipe –much better than deep fried fat. Read now