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Pasta Pesto

Cooking pasta with a blender? No problem. We recommend pasta with home-made pesto: Six simple steps to your ready-to-eat Pasta Pesto using the CARRERA Blender. Read now

The ultimate hangover cure: the Hangover Smoothie

Can you really party all night without suffering from a hangover all day? We say yes – and show you how. Read now

Winter soups – a healthy potpourri for cold days

Cold, wet, murky weather? A tasty soup warms your insides and keeps viruses at bay. Read now

Quick Smoothies with a Stickblender

It only takes a few ingredients to mix up something good with a hand blender. Sweet or savoury, the results are always delicious once you know how. Read now

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Benefits of Steaming – No movement, more taste

Healthy ingredients don’t want to be stirred or overcooked. The proof is in how good steamed food tastes. Read now

The right way to prepare baby food quickly

Babies deserve the best – baby food at just the right temperature, and without emollients Read now