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Sunburn and shaving – grit your teeth and do it anyway?

shave legs

It makes no difference whether your red skin is the result of your impatience or the wrong tanning lotion (baby oil anyone?). Either way, sunburn hurts and your skin is going to let you know exactly how it’s feeling.

And when the first signs of stubble return to your sunburnt legs, the old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ definitely applies. Also, red, stubbly legs and short summer dresses are not exactly a good look.
So what’s the solution? Here are a few words of advice to help keep your legs silky smooth even when they’re sunburnt.

Dry shaving is kinder to sunburnt skin

The first thing to do is give your skin plenty of moisture. We recommend using aloe vera gel, yogurt or a regular after sun lotion. After that, just follow the instructions below.

after shave care
  • Use an electric dry shaver – wet shaving dries your skin out even more, and the sharp blades will irritate it.
  • Also, you won’t need perfumed shaving cream or foam.
  • It may not be as smooth, but shave your legs in the direction of hair growth anyway because it’s kinder to the area around the hair roots.
  • When you’re done, apply plenty of moisture and give your skin time to absorb it.
  • Avoid perfumed body lotions. Don’t use a mosquito repellent. You can find a good alternative for aftersun-lotion here.
  • If all else fails, just wear something long.

If your partner doesn’t want to share his electric shaver, that’s ok because we have a handy, stylish shaver that’s perfect for beginners too. So before you go on holiday, why not pay us a visit online and do a little shopping?

Shaver No 421 with LED-display
CARRERA Shaver №421

CARRERA shaver with 3-track cutting system and 2 spring-loaded cutting blades.