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CARRERA №571 Facial Cleansing Brush with anti-microbial ions

Facial cleansing brush №571

Ultra-hygienic thanks to antimicrobial ions.

Currently not available – plus shipping costs

Robust or delicate, male or female, skin needs daily care. But sadly, hands and soap can only clean the surface. An electric facial cleansing brush goes deeper – pore deep – and complements your daily routine perfectly, especially if you visit a beauty salon occasionally. It’s fast, simple ... and you’ll notice the difference more each day.

Fb 02

Deep cleanse your skin.

On top of environmental factors such as the sun, cold and dry air, your face also has to cope with various kinds of airborn dirt. Now you can get rid of those particles … and dead skin cells … and makeup leftovers. An electric facial cleanser works pore deep on all skin types and gets them ready to absorb the valuable essential oils in the creams you apply. When you have 3 rotation speeds and specialist attachments for each skin type, facial cleansing stimulates the blood flow and creates a meditative experience. We even had to install a skin zone timer that reminds you to move zones every 20 seconds, and shuts off automatically after one minute.

Fb 03

High tech hygiene.

Just because skin cells die, doesn’t mean you have to collect them on your brush and massage them back into your skin next time around. Our high-tech solution adds antimicrobial ions to every single bristle. When the brush gets moist, the ions are released gradually and destroy any troublesome micro-organisms. This high-tech hygiene helps your skin regenerate better for a fresh, healthy complexion.

  • Brush 1

    Use this antimicrobial brush head to cleanse normal facial skin every day. Like all our brush heads, it’s easy to clean under running water.

  • Brush 2

    Delicate skin prefers a softer brush for daily care. The brush head is antimicrobial, and is perfect for beginners who want to get used to facial brushing.

  • Brush 3

    The gentle rotation pampers, massages and revitialises tired and drawn skin by stimulating the blood flow and helping facial muscles relax. Also recommended for use with lotions or facial masks.

  • Brush 4

    Use this once a week for pore-deep cleansing, and to remove dead skin cells. Antimicrobial? Check.

  • Brush 5

    This attachment applies make-up evenly and economically every day. It’s incredibly gentle to skin, and easy to clean under running water.

Fb 04

Your in-shower spa.

The best thing about a shower is the facial care part, not the exercise you did before. Our electric facial cleansing brush is waterproof to IPX6 standards, so it glides gently across your face under the shower too. The steam relaxes your skin, stimulates the blood flow and opens up sealed pores. And while your skin gets cleaner and cleaner, you can enjoy your new tool a few moments longer while you plan your excuses for skipping the next workout.

Fb 05

The best foreplay comes before you shave.

Everyone benefits from an electric facial cleansing brush. As a man, you can make fine hairs stand on end before shaving, care for returning stubble from the start, enjoy a gentle peeling and even prevent ingrowing facial hairs. So is it OK for men to buy a facial brush? Absolutely. Also in the box: deep cleansing, relaxation … and a gentle, pleasant massage.

Fb 06

Full coverage with a thin layer of make-up.

When it comes to applying make-up evenly, even the most delicate fingertips (or pads) are no match for our make-up applicator. It spreads a thin, even layer over your face for a professional finish with no outlines or hard edges. And thanks to our brush attachments, removing make-up is as easy as applying it.

Fb 03
  • Anti-microbial brush heads
  • Time with a 20 second interval
  • 3 rotation speeds for a gentle pore deep cleansing
  • Lithium high performance battery pack: 90 minutes charging, 60 minutes of use
  • Power Charge: 3 minute fast charge for a single use
More features
  • Lithium high performance battery pack

    Few competitors can match the staying power of our facial cleansing brush. The Lithium-Ion battery runs for a full 60 minutes on a 90-minute charge. That’s about 60 applications, or one month.

  • Power Charge

    Flat battery? In just three minutes, our Boost feature gives you the power you need for a single (thorough) cleanse. That’s about the same as it takes for a soft-boiled egg.

  • USB Charge

    Travelling light? Leave your charger at home and charge your facial cleansing brush on your laptop (or your partner’s) instead.

  • Storage pouch

    Use this practical storage pouch to keep all your attachments in one safe place, together with your facial cleansing brush.

  • Order individual replacement brushes

    For the best results, we recommend you replace your attachments every 3 to 6 months. Order here.

Product specs

Antimicrobial brush heads
3 rotation levels for gentle, deep cleansing
4 attachments for all skin types, peeling and massage
Applicator attachment for even application of make-up
Skin zone timer with 20-second interval
Works wet and dry in the shower, too
High-performance lithium battery: 60 min.
Power Charge: 90 min.
Quick Charge: 3 min. for 3 one-minute treatments
Accessories: charging station, protective caps, bag, power adaptor, 5 attachments
EAN: 4250812803368

Currently not available – plus shipping costs
* All prices including VAT and excluding shipping costs.