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Repair toaster

Repairing a toaster yourself can’t be that hard – or can it?

According to statistics portal statista, 93.7 percent of German households own a toaster. That’s more than kettles (85.2 percent) or espresso machines (11.3 percent). But what do you do when your unassuming kitchen must-have gives up the ghost?

: Can I repair my toaster myself? Is it wise to mess around with the electrics?

In a word: No!!! If you’ve read this far, it seems you not only have a broken toaster but are seriously considering repairing it yourself. So let’s be absolutely clear: If you’re not Gyro Gearloose or Dr Snuggles (or a qualified electrician), that is a really stupid idea. Toaster heating systems are much too complex for amateurs to repair properly.

We know how much it hurts to say goodbye to such a loyal companion. But when even the manufacturer and your local dealer agree that your toaster is, well, toast, we have a few words of consolation for you in the next section. So let your old toaster rest in peace.

Every end is a new beginning, after all – and what better way to start over than with a new toaster that:

  •  emits virtually no carcinogenic formaldehyde (unlike older models) thanks to quartz ceramic technology
  •  is fully insulated to protect you and your kids from electric shocks
  •  has a ceramic coating
  •  consumes no power in ECO standby mode
  •  toasts even deep frozen bread gently and accurately

We hope you’ll find some comfort in these thoughts. And when you’re ready to move on, may we suggest you click to our shop.

CARRERA Toaster No 552
CRRERA Quartz Toaster №552

Der CARRERA Toaster with 4 glass-coated quartz ceramic heating elements for even browning.

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