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How do I clean my toaster quickly and safely?

Sunflower seeds, crusts, tiny lumps in all shades of brown and black … these days, toasters collect much more than just bread crumbs. Toasted sandwiches and paninis add even more variety to the contents of your toaster’s crematorium. Read how to get rid of them easily and quickly here.

You have to clean every toaster – and not just the crumb tray

These days, toasters can do much more than just help with your Sunday breakfast. The food industry is constantly coming up with new things to prepare in or on your toaster – everything from mini-schnitzels (often with cheese) to cookies that are pre-baked in fat. In fact, there aren’t many things left that a modern toaster hasn’t had in its slots. How easy it is to clean your toaster afterwards depends on what it’s made of, and how it works.

How-To – Cleaning inside your toaster

Many toasters use the conventional wire heating system. This is delicate and needs careful cleaning.

  • Unplug the toaster before cleaning.
  • Use a fine brush (e.g. pastry brush) to carefully clean the inner walls.
  • Turn the toaster upside down and gently shake out the crumbs.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the crumbs and black lumps have fallen out.
  • Remove the crumb tray (if your toaster has one). Empty it and wipe it clean.

Making your toaster shine

The best way to clean a stainless steel toaster is with a stainless steel cleaning product. This also works well on burn marks around the toast slots. A dry microfibre cloth is all you need for fine dust. For plastic housings, use a damp cloth with a little washing-up liquid to remove fat or grease.

Quartz heating elements make toasters easy to clean

With a conventional wire heating system, the wires that trap all those crumbs are glued in place. When they heat up, they give off toxic formaldehyde vapour. Toasters with quartz heating elements instead of wires need no glue. So if you own a toaster with quartz heating elements and a ceramic coating you not only live more healthily, you get fewer crumbs on your toaster’s inside walls too. Plus less fat and cheese build-up in between the elements.

So if you’re health-conscious, not so fond of cleaning and enjoy making tasty toasted treats quickly, it’s worth taking a closer look at our toaster. It emits no carcenogenic formaldehyde vapour, toasts evenly, is easy to clean and looks good too. We think that’s a winning combination.

CARRERA Toaster No 552
CRRERA Quartz Toaster №552

Der CARRERA Toaster with 4 glass-coated quartz ceramic heating elements for even browning.

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