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Man operates the CARRERA Blender No 655, cleaning program mixer

Clean, cleaner, cleanest. How do I clean my blender properly?

The right blender Blender can really make life easier. With a versatile tool, it’s easy to prepare quickly a healthy smoothie in the morning, a vitamin boost before your afternoon workout and a soup in the evening. The kitchen stays mostly clean, and the only thing that goes in the dishwasher is the blender jug – no pots or knives.
Which dishwasher program you select is up to you and your dishwasher. If you prefer, just let your blender clean itself – assuming it can.

Good households and good blenders clean themselves

Which blender you choose for your powerfood and cocktails depends on your preferences. For those who like it hot, a heating plate is a must. Simmering food sticks to the jug more than cold food. Whether eaten hot or cold, a blender with an automatic cleaning program is a good choice. If you like to clean after you cook, feel free; if you’d rather head for the couch, an automatic cleaning program is a smart choice.

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Different manufacturers have different cleaning programs, but the following usually applies:
Blenders with automatic cleaning program

  1. Half-fill the blender jug with lukewarm water. Any more, and you’ll have a foam party.
  2. Put the jug back on the blender base and click to lock.
  3. Add a drop of washing-up liquid. This contains enzymes that help to remove protein and starch residues.
  4. Settings and runtimes depend on the manufacturer.
  5. Alternatively, start the automatic cleaning program.
  6. Remove the jug and empty it in the sink. Wipe the jug and lid out with a rounded washing-up brush.
  7. Rinse with plenty of clean water.
  8. Unplug the appliance / base and wipe with a moist cloth. Dry everything, then head back to the couch.

Some blenders still make you do all the work

That makes your cleaning routine a little more comprehensive. Clean the jug and lid under running water with a brush and a drop of washing-up liquid. Watch out – those sharp blades cut fingertips too! Remove any food particles that collect under the blades carefully. Finally, dry everything with a teatowel and you’re all set for the next time.

brush cleaning

Looks clean but doesn’t smell clean? How to clean and reset your blender

You cleaned your blender, but it still smells of last night’s pesto? That can happen with blenders that contain lots of plastic parts. If you’d rather not drink strawberry smoothies that smell of garlic, put the peel of two or three lemons in the blender and chop it. Or next time, buy a blender with a glass jug (!carrera_655) that contains no polyethylene either.

Blender Checklist – plan now, relax later

If your blender decides to give up the ghost in the near future, here’s a checklist for a replacement. If you want, click the link below to see where kitchen appliances go after they die. The keyword is sustainability.

Looking for a faithful, lifelong kitchen helper? Here’s what to watch out for:

  • A 2-fold non-stick coating lasts longer and makes cleaning easier.
  • High quality materials like stainless steel and glass reduce wear and tear.
  • Avoid large numbers of plastic components that can wear out quickly. Overheat protection and a dual safety lock help to iron out human errors.

Conclusion: All the options, no obligations.

It‘s always good to know what you want, including when you’re buying a blender. Smoothie maker, soup maker or counter-top blender? If you’d rather not commit to a full-blown kitchen machine just yet, consider our counter-top blender with heating plate. It does everything from crushed ice or broccoli soup to smoothies and rice – without compromising on performance.

CARRERA Blender No 655
CARRERA Blender №655

Blender with 20000 rpm for cooking, mixing, steaming and crushing.

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