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Blender for everything

To blend or to hand blend? That is the question.

Hand blenders and counter-top blenders look different because they’re designed for different tasks. So … when do you use a stick blender, and when do you need a blender?

Stick blender or blender? – it depends on the recipe

Cooking is a major hobby for many people, and a real source of pleasure. Online recipe forums, celebrity chefs and TV shows are bringing fresh ideas to traditional cooking. They disrupt outdated role models, help get more men into the kitchen, and offer new alternatives to grandmother’s recipes. As our cooking gets more sophisticated, so do the features and functions of our electrical kitchen aids.

Which tool should I use for my recipe – my faithful hand blender or my brand new blender?

Hand blenders and what they’re for

Sauces, marinades and purees are three classical tasks for hand blenders. A morning smoothie, a light salad dressing for lunch, the mayonnaise and marinade for your steak and french fries in the evening … in seconds, hand blenders can chop, foam or puree a wide range of pre-cooked or softer ingredients. They’re normally used in the saucepan or in a measuring jug. Hand blenders are versatile, handy, and designed to tackle various specific tasks with a minimum of cleaning afterwards.

Blenders – look before you buy

Hand blender or blender? Either way, it pays to think before you buy.

Choosing a hand blender? Make sure it:

  •  has enough power (watts)
  •  has multiple speeds PLUS manual rpm settings
  •  is comfortable to hold and use
  •  is made of durable materials that are easy to clean

Choosing a blender? Watch out for:

  • simple, intuitive controls (life is complicated enough)
  •  enough ’grunt’, meaning rpm or rotation speed, for smoother results
  •  high quality butterfly blades
  •  enough capacity

Really smart shoppers will look for a blender that can cook too. Then it can make delicious hot soups or steam your rice, as well as making your smoothies.

In that case you’ll want:

• a heating plate with a proper anti-stick coating

• a BPA steamer insert
• automatic programs for simple meals – it’s so boring to watch

• plus a manual mode for your own recipes

And if you want your hand blender or blender to look as good as it works, you’ve crossed the finishing line! You have enough old stuff hidden away in your cupboards already.

At this point, may we just mention that all our kitchen tools have the same consistent design and are designed to be seen, not hidden away. After all, good taste is visual too.

Why not check out our new kitchen world and decide for yourself whether your powerfoods would prefer a hand blender or a blender?

CARRERA Blender No 655 and CARRERA Stickblender No 554 standing side by side, Omnimixer stickblender
CARRERA Blender №655 and Stick Blender №554

CARRERA Blender with stainless steel blades and digital dial with LCD display.

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