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christmas presents

Christmas presents: top or flop beneath the tree?

Need some last minute presents that won’t misfire? These ideas are guaranteed to hit the spot.

Last minute Christmas presents for husbands, wives, girlfriends and lovers.

It happens every year: suddenly it’s Christmas – and although you vowed to get the presents in early this year, somehow it didn’t happen. So now you either rush round town totally stressed, and grab what you can as a Christmas present for the ones you love. Or you comb the Internet in search of ideas. Impersonal spur-of-the-moment purchases rarely work well, and can ruin the festive mood with relatives or partners. We show you how to avoid bad vibes under the tree and put a smile on your partner’s face instead.

christmas decoration

One click for all your Last Minute Christmas presents

You want to give them something special for Christmas. Something that will surprise them. After all, everyone loves getting presents that are unusual, or have meaning. But after we do, will we actually use them enough to justify that eye-watering price tag? Exactly. So instead, why not choose a last minute Christmas present that people will use and enjoy long after the decorations come down again? From bathroom appliances to kitchen gadgets, there are loads of things we use every day without appreciating them. We simply expect them to work – and the only time we notice them is when they don’t. Like that cheap hairdryer we got online, or the old electric kettle from the days when we were still single.

A perfect Last Minute Christmas Present makes every day special

That means you don’t have to look far to find the right last minute Christmas present for a mother, father, husband or wife. Because although the things we need every day matter, we tend not to spend much money on appliances like hairdryers, shavers, toasters or blenders. So why not use this opportunity to upgrade your loved ones’ daily lives? With a little care and thought up front, it’s not hard to find something they won’t throw straight back at you!

present for men

Last Minute Christmas Presents for men

These days, more and more men are adjusting their work-life balance by cooking. A powerful blender or stickblender with an iconic design is a great way to energize their festive cuisine overnight. Why not check out our kitchen tools and see for yourself? If you’d rather upgrade someone’s male beauty care, it’s wise to buy something gender-neutral. That way you can always use it yourself if they aren’t impressed. And if the hairdryer or shaver you choose looks good too, that’s perfect. Because lifestyle is one thing you can never have too much of.

Last Minute Christmas Presents for women

A special styling gift is a good way to avoid disappointing the lady you love. You could buy her a kitchen appliance instead, of course … just don’t say we didn’t warn you. Styling tools are different because they’re an integral part of most women’s beauty care. From hair straighteners and [curling tongs]](!carrera_537) to shavers and hairdryers , the choice is yours. And providing you shop smart, the gift you give will make an eye-catching addition to the bathroom. She’ll be grateful, and might even let you share it if you ask her nicely. Because thanks to their gender-neutral styling, CARRERA tools appeal to men and women alike.

This way to our CARRERA Last Minute Christmas Presents – the easy way to power through your wish list:

CARRERA packaging
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