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Christmas Break – Last Minute without Excess Baggage

Cold and wet? Head for the sun. Save money on a New Year’s trip by travelling light.

If you need to Google your airline’s baggage allowance, you’ve been shopping wrong!

When temperatures drop and the days are dark, most of us long for milder, warmer weather. More and more people now head for the sun in their winter break. First you check your piggybank … then the Internet, which is packed with travel offers. Short breaks to European cities are particularly popular over New Year. Yet while the dress code for summer is ’less is more’, the shoes and jumpers you need in winter can fill your case all by themselves.

But airlines such as Lufthansa, Air Berlin, Eurowings, easyJet and many others have baggage restrictions. So how do you save weight, and what can you cut back on? Must you manage without your favourite clothes or sports gear, or abstain from shopping at your destination? No way! We show you how – and where – to save on weight.

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Forget airline baggage restrictions

Apart from footwear, beauty care products are what weigh most. Here’s what goes in my case: my favourite jeans, the great blouse and the new dress. Sportswear for the hotel gym, and the costume for the party. By the time you add your ballerinas, boots, cap, hair spray and beauty products, you’re close to the limit already. If you don’t want to pay for excess baggage, you have two options: either wander round town every day in ballerinas and a cap, or shop – and pack – smarter. With a little care, you’ll never have to worry about Lufthansa or Air Berlin baggage policies again.

travelsize cosmetic

However long or short the trip, you’ll still need to shower, shave and style every day. Our tips show you how to cruise through check-in with a minimum of baggage:

  • Buy travel-size products from the drugstore. They sell everything from shaving cream to hair spray, usually in sizes of less than 100ml.
  • If you really need your favourite products but can’t get them in small sizes, buy empty tubes in the drugstore and fill them yourself.
  • Buy lightweight, gender-neutral styling and grooming tools. Quality blades are easy to clean, so you can share them with your partner. Take multi-functional styling tools.

We don’t usually blow our own trumpet. But in this case, prompted by customer feedback, we’ve taken the liberty of packing a case on your behalf. The design and build quality of all our tools is derived from racing cars, which means the lighter, the better. And since Christmas will soon be here again, now is the perfect moment for a new gift that’s sensible and stylish too.

Whoever finds it under their Christmas tree can put it straight into their suitcase and proceed directly to check-in:


Shaver №421 or №521. Both are for men and women and have a triple or quadruple cutting blade system. Other advantages: Boost Charge System (ready for one shave in 5 minutes), a high performance lithium rechargeable battery for 45 minutes’ operation and a USB charging option – perfect for people who forget to pack power cords.


The little CARRERA Hairdryer №532 has a 1600 watt power rating, dual voltage (who knows where you might be flying to?) and all the extras, such as hair care oils in the exit grille, permanent ionisation etc.


Our absolute favourite: CARRERA hot air brush №535. –This ‘Swiss army knife’ has 1200 watts of power, plus various attachments that turn it into a hairdryer, round styling brush or a curling tong. As InStyle magazine confirms, it really does offer something for everyone. Plus, of course, all the extras such as argan oil and keratin. Think of it as our little hairdryer’s more versatile sister.


Cosmetic trimmer – your pocket size beauty salon. It trims eyebrows, nose hair, upper lip hair and ear hair quickly and easily. And it’s so compact, it hardly take up any space at all in your beauty case.

Best of all, high quality materials mean our tools are really lightweight. And because each one comes in its own travel pouch, you can wave goodbye to bin liners or shoe bags for good.

Intrigued? Your fast track to Father Christmas starts here:

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