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AC Hair Dryer in hand

Are hairdryers really bad for your hair?

It depends. Removing moisture too quickly or using too much heat can damage your hair. But with the right hairdryer, you can dry and style without harming your hair.

Here’s what your dryer needs to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Wrong dryer = what’s that burning smell?

Here are some must-have features for your next hairdryer so your hair won’t stand on end and stays good looking right down to the ends:

1. Coated air exit grille
The coating on the grille smoothes out the dimples in the metal for more even heat distribution. It also prevents heat spots that can occur when hot air builds up on thinner points of the grille, then comes out in jets. These hot jets can cause damage when they hit the hair surface. They dry out the cuticles and leave hair feeling as dry and brittle as the stuffing of an old sofa.

2. Integrated hair care
A good hairdryer 2.0 not only does hot air – it also has care products built into the ceramic coating. Argan oil and keratin are particularly suitable. Here’s how it works: The argan oil and the keratin are added while the ceramics are still in molten form. The liquid mixture of argan oil and ceramics is then cooled to form a coating for the air exit grille. When you use your hairdryer, the care products are activated and add lustre to your hair.

3. The right turbine
An AC turbine produces an airstream that’s really strong, yet constant. Instead of boosting the temperature, you boost the air volume. Drying is much faster with a powerful blower. In a nutshell: More air beats more heat.

4. Ionization. Permanently.
Ionization helps keep hair lustrous and healthy looking. Here’s how it works:
Air is enhanced with negatively charged particles that split the drops of water in your hair up into smaller molecules. That makes your hair dries faster – and as everyone knows, shorter drying times are better for your hair. Ions also reduce static electricity build-up when you comb or brush your hair (the ions dock onto your hair and neutralize the static, thereby reducing the charge). They even make the surface of your hair glossier. For the best results, choose a dryer with an ion generator.

For great results in next-to-no time, consider our CARRERA №631. It has a powerful AC turbine that creates the style you want gently, but fast. Check it out here in our CARRERA shop.

CARRERA AC Hair Dryer No 631
CARRERA AC Hair Dryer №631

AC Hair Dryer with a four times longer lasting, on/off switch for ionizer and argan oil & keratin.

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