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Aloe Vera gel

DIY Body Oil with aloe vera for a soft skin care experience

Starting today, you can harness nature’s powers quickly and easily for your skin care regimen as well as for your nutrition There are no chemical and damaging industrial ingredients, and it’s much cheaper too.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of our favourite natural ingredients. This unusual medicinal plant has an unusual mix of active ingredients, and its natural water storage properties are perfect for our body.

What is aloe vera?

Ther are lots of aloe varieties, but only one genuine aloe vera. It’s one of the world’s oldest natural medicinal plants, and probably one of the best known too by now. Aloe vera looks like a cactus, but is actually part of the lily family and is sometimes called the Desert Lily. It probably originated on the Arabian Peninsula, but is now at home in the Mediterranean region, India and Mexico too.

Why do we love it?

‘Wild’ aloe vera is best known for its ability to survive for months without rain. Its fleshy leaves can store incredible amounts of water to tide the plant over in droughts. Aloe Vera shrinks during dry spells, then sucks up water as soon as it rains. This storage capacity is due to a ‘gel’ in the leaves that also helps the plant to heal by shrinking and sealing any wounds.

Thousands of years ago, someone had a lightbulb moment and wondered whether a plant that can protect itself from dehydration and wounds might do the same for the human body too.

Mix your own aloe vera body oil

Harness the unique water storage properties of aloe vera in this all-natural body oil. It hydrates, is rich in nutrients, promotes cell regeneration and protects against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Here’s an overview of the ingredients and their natural skin care properties:

coconut DIY-cosmetics

1. 100 g aloe vera gel (organic)

On top of the hydrating properties described above, aloe vera also contains simple and complex sugars that are antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antimycotic, in the same way as coconut oil. Aloe vera also contains 7 of the 8 essential amino acids we need to ingest or apply because our body cannot produce them itself. It also contains valin (good for the nerves), leucin (builds muscle, strengthens the immune system) and lysin (accelerates collagen formation; collagen makes our skin supple and slows the ageing process). The gel also protects cells from free radicals (little attackers from the environment) and soothes the symptoms of wounds, burns stings and skin conditions.

2. 10 drops cold pressed essential oil with your favourite fragrance.
(We chose a blend of grapefruit, lavender and myrtle.)

Essential oils have a stimulating fragrance. They act directly on the skin to stimulate physical processes, and have a positive effect on our psyche.
Our favourite blend: grapefruit: loosens muscles; lavender: raises your spirits, antidepressive, supports stamina, soothes the nerves, creates a sense of security, good for homesickness and worry; myrtle: anti-inflammatory, helps you concentrate, good for common colds, supports wound healing processes.

3. 30 g coconut oil

There’s a good reason why coconut oil is trending so strongly on the food and beauty scene. Being rich in (medium chain) fatty acids (particularly triglyceride fats), it has the ideal structure for penetrating skin fast and improving the nutrient supply. The lauric acid in coconut oil is antimicrobial (disinfectant) and antiviral, and also combats fungal infections. That means it can even help with various skin diseases. It has the same great effect when you eat or drink it – see our Powerfood articles for details.

coconut cosmetics

Now we’ve covered the theory and you know why you can say goodbye to expensive drugstore cosmetics from now on, it’s time for the (refreshingly simple) instructions with your blender:

  1. Fill your Carra blender 1/3 full with water. Place the aloe vera gel in the insert and heat to around 80°C.
  2. Add the solid coconut oil and allow to melt.
  3. For a fresh, instantly-recognisable fragrance, add your essential oils.
  4. Blend everything well.
  5. Put into a suitable container and store in the regrigerator. Combine the power of nature with the power of our kitchen appliances to make your own natural cosmetics!
CARRERA Blender No 655
CARRERA Blender №655

Blender with 20000 rpm for cooking, mixing, steaming and crushing.

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