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how to make curls

The perfect look – curl by curl

Corkscrew curls, spirals, ringlets – what kind of curl will you go for?

Lots of tips but just one goal – the perfect curl

Where does wavy stop and curly start? What can you do so your hair doesn’t turn against you but turns into curls instead? Here are a few tips to save time and bother during your bathroom routine.

style curls

How to get beautiful curls from the beginning

Before you switch on your curling iron or hair straightener, your hair needs to be dry and well cared for – once you start on those cuticles, it will lose volume.

Step by step to a head full of curls

  • Apply heat protection spray to your hair.
  • Brush thoroughly to distribute the spray evenly and brush out any knots.
  • Work mousse into your hair. Choose a special mousse that supports your curls’ resilience.
  • Blow-dry your hair. Always follow the natural direction of your hair or cuticles – otherwise the cuticles get rough and you end up having a bad hair day.
  • Isolate separate strands of hair on your head.
  • Put the first strand on the ceramic plate of your Hairstraightener or twist it round your Curling tong.
  • Release your hair after a few seconds.
  • Twine your curled hair round your finger and fix it on your scalp with a hairpin.
  • Once all strands are fixed, apply hair spray and let them cool out.
  • Release the hairpins and let your hair hang free for a minute or two.
  • Use your fingers to roughly comb your hair and loosen the strands.
  • Add body to your hairline, using a gentle circular motion on your scalp.
  • Fix your look with hairspray, either head down or head up.

Pro tip: less is more. The lower the temperature of your styling tool, the longer you can treat your hair and the longer your curls will stay curly. That’s why styling tools should always let you set the temperature manually in small intervals.

Proper care and a well-coated styling tool are important for your look, as well as for your hair’s health. Consistent, gentle heat distribution lets you curl hair intensively without heat spots. Still looking for the perfect styling tool? Try the Hairstraightener and the Curling tong .

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