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Curls with diffuser

The diffuser – a gentle warm air shower for all hair types

In the coming months, dry air from central heating will mean plenty of stress for our hair. Gentle drying with the diffuser is kind to hair, and makes it curly.

It’s so easy to get curls with the diffuser.

You’ve just made it through summer with no major damage to your hair, and already the dry air from central heating is getting to it. Fine hair, curly hair ... static electricity affects everyone. A diffuser, also known as a warm air shower for hair, can help to counteract static when you’re drying your hair. We show you how to dry your hair gently – and put natural curls into almost any length hair too!

What is a diffuser exactly?

A diffuser is an attachment for your hair dryer that dries your hair indirectly with warm air. It looks like a small plate with holes and pimples, and goes on the nozzle of your dryer. Warm air flows through the holes, and the pimples make sure the warm air ’kneads’ your hair right up to the roots. With a diffuser, your hair isn’t exposed to direct heat.

diffuser curls

Curls with the diffuser – the easy, gentle way to get more volume.

The diffuser kneads your hair dry with warm air. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Let the ends of your hair hang downwards. Move the diffuser (with the plate-shaped cap) upwards from the ends towards your head.

  2. Tilt your head downwards or a little to the side. Lay a strand of hair on the diffuser plate, then move the diffuser slowly towards the hairline.

When you reach the scalp, let the diffuser rest on the skin briefly, moving it in small circles all the time. Don’t let the heat get too strong, as this will damage your hair.

Curls, waves or volume – which diffuser type am I?

Using a diffuser doesn’t necessarily always produce the same results. Your natural hair type determines how well you can create curls with a diffuser. Here are a few of the differences:

1. Starting point: curly hair

If you have curly hair, you’ll know that letting it dry naturally adds definition and brings out your curls better. Hair dryers can tousle curls, leaving them looking a bit like an old sofa with the stuffing poking out. Using a diffuser is like letting hair dry naturally. Your hair is warmed gently, and the curls stay intact. If you have curly hair, you’ll know how matted hair can become when you use a dryer. The diffuser attachment dries curls and adds definition at the same time, giving them more bounce.

curls red hair

2. Using a diffuser on wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, the diffuser can create visible curls or emphasize your hair’s natural flow. Your hair dries gently and appears to have more volume.

curls self-made

3. DSmooth hair – no miracles, but more volume

Even a diffuser can’t weave its magic if it has nothing to work with. If nature gave you really smooth, fine hair, a diffuser won’t be able to create stunning curls. But apart from drying your hair gently, it will give your hair more volume. By ’kneading’ the hairline, it helps your hair stand up for a fuller, stronger look. And as anyone who suffers from smooth, fine hair knows, even a little more volume can be really important.

woman thinking

If you’d like to do even more for your curls, try using little helpers such as a hair mousse or a curl shaping spray. Just massage them into your towel-dry hair before you start with your warm air shower.

If you’ve never held a diffuser to your head before and would like more volume and/or curls, your new styling tool is just a click away.

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