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Long-haired men with a man bun: Latin Lovers, Trendsetters or Headbangers?

Such a cute little girl! Oh no wait, it’s a boy! When we’re really young, colours like pink and blue play an important role in gender recognition – and so do hairstyles. But this rigid thinking is fading with each new generation as fashions and lifestyles become visibly more gender neutral.

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Long curls on men, or even a man bun – hip, or just a hippy cliché?

As a brief rewind through history shows, men with long hair have been with us for centuries, from the Barbarians and ancient Greeks to Native American tribes. Long wigs were an important male accessory too. Curly, surprisingly light-coloured long hair (often fake) graced the heads of many famous personalities. In the 19th century, dandies such as Oscar Wilde wore their long hair with pride. In the 20th century, Mop Tops and wild manes defined an entire generation, and the hairy protests by Beatles and hippies are unforgotten to this day.

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Are long-haired men more manly?

Long-haired men, assuming they have taste and style, either have lots of hair or thick hair. Both stood for health, strength and potency. They also protected male warriors from the elements and helped conceal their faces from enemies. Today, with no close combat enemies in sight, long hair helps men stand out from the rest of their species. Some men hope their Latin Lover look will make them more attractive to the ladies (hence the name of the hairstyle); others simply look better with long hair than with short hair.

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The Man Bun – an enduring trend

David Garrett, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Jeff Bridges have all followed the Man Bun trend. And although the style is traditionally seen as feminine, David Beckham even established it in the rough world of professional sport. But what’s the difference between a man bun and the ones that women wear?

Actually, all they have in common is the basic principle: in both cases, you grab your hair and fix it in place with an elastic hairband or scrunchie. For a quick man bun, grab your hair and put it through the band once, then stop halfway the next time. Man buns go on the back of your head. The biggest difference to the ladies’ style is that a man bun is meant to look informal and not too accurate – not like something a prima ballerina would wear. Loose strands, hair that slips out and hastily twisted bands are all part of the styling process, not down to a lack of talent.

Here’s what to remember if you want to follow the trend:

  • Rule Number One: man buns need care and attention. Your hair needs to be well cared for, especially around the bun area itself. Long hair doesn’t look sexy unless you shave the edges neatly first. No woman wants a retro caveman. Find the right styling tools for a perfect bun here. To see how it works, read this article.
  • Your beard is a separate hair platform, and that needs to show. This trend is not about having your beard and your hair all together in one wild mat.
  • If you hair is really wiry or curly it’s better to straighten it first (either just a little, or completely). That way you’ll have the control you need to style your bun more easily. Next Christmas, why not give your partner a hair straightener? It might just be the world’s first gender-neutral Christmas present, especially if it’s not pink and has no glitter , like our CARRERA №534.
  • Once you’ve done the basics it’s time to style your man bun. For a natural look, tie your hair back without brushing it first.
  • If you wear an undercut, you won’t need to worry about where your man bun goes. Otherwise, just position it somewhere between your crown and the nape of your neck.
  • Take a dark-coloured, metal-free elastic hair band (scrunchie) and draw your hair through it. Now twist the band into a figure-of-eight and pull your hair back through the new loop. Repeat until your hair sits firmly. If it all looks too perfect, just pull a few strands out so your man bun looks less formal.
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Disrupt role clichés and head for next-level gender equality

How you style reflects how you think. A man bun looks cool and dashing. It’s for men who don’t let labels like ‘male hairstyle’ or ‘female hairstyle’ cramp their style. A gender-neutral appearance also sets you apart from the mainstream, which is another reason why the man bun is so popular among creatives and artists – often teamed with a full beard.

Summary: A man bun won’t turn a six-stone weakling into a he-man, but if you have good facial contours it can definitely accentuate your look. Plus, distancing yourself from role clichés is always good for the mind and body. Will this creative, spirit-of-times-look evolve into a mainstream classic? Only time will tell.
CARRERA has lots of new gender-neutral tools for your own personal creative styling phase. The best place to start (and an ideal Christmas stocking filler for your partner) is with our hair straightener.

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