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elegant dress hairstyle

Festive hairstyles for Christmas and Silvester

Curls, updo or ponytail – here you can find the right hairstyle for your Christmas- or Silvester-look.

Festive hairstyles for long and short hair

The festive marathon is coming, und women often wear the same little black dress more than once. All the more reason to vary your hairstyle and avoid that Groundhog Day feeling. That said, not everyone is a born stylist with magic fingers.

We offer first aid styling tips for the festive season.

Beautiful looks for medium length hair

Every woman is familiar with the cry ”I’ve got nothing to wear!“ That’s why they plan their Christmas and New Year looks well in advance. And why they choose their hairstyles to match the cut and material of the tops they plan to wear. After all, it would be a shame to just stuff their freshly cut, dyed and highlighted hair into a messy bun. On festive occasions, it’s fine to dig a little deeper into your bag of tricks. Here are a few things you might find there.

DIY: festive hairstyles for long hair

There are lots of ways to style long hair. Romantic, wild, straight or curly is always a matter of personal taste – and we all know there’s no accounting for that. Here are a couple of mainstays that grace almost any head.

Here are two last-minute plait looks:

Elegance on the go

  • Draw your side parting as deeply as possible.
  • Separate the front part of the thicker strand.
  • Tie the rest of the hair (without the strand) into a ponytail.
  • Wrap the strand around the hair tie so it doesn’t show.
  • Fix with a hairpin – small trick, big effect.
ponytail elegant

Ponytail with a twist

  • Tie the hair on the back of your head into a pigtail.
  • Divide the pigtail into two parts.
  • Twist each part separately – tightly, and all the way to the end.
  • Twirl both twisted parts together and tie them at the end.
Ponytail twisted

Curly festive hairstyles for medium length hair

Curls are not just for angels – even down-to-earth people succumb to the temptation during the festive season. With the right curling tong and/or hairstraightener, curls are quick and easy.

A classic hairstyle for the Christmas-Silvester-look

  • Evenly distribute heat protection spray into your lengths and hair ends.
  • Blow-dry your hair.
  • Divide your hair in many equal parts. Comb thoroughly.
  • Twist the first strand around the straightening iron. To do this, open the clip and lay your hair on the iron, leaving a safe distance to your hairline. Twine your hair round the iron right up to the tip, then release the clip to fix your hair.
  • Make sure your curling iron has a Cool Touch Tip (a heat insulated tip). This makes styling easier, and you won’t need a glove.
  • After a few seconds, lift the clip and carefully push your curled hair off the iron. How long you curl depends on the temperature and your hair. If your curling iron doesn’t have a protective silicon strip, pay special attention to your ends.
  • Pin the curled strand and fix it with hairspray.
  • Let all your hair cool.
  • Remove the pins, shake your hair (head held high) and treat it to a little hairspray.
  • Isolate a small strand on both temples. Twirl them loosely.
  • Join both strands at the back of your head. Fix with a pin or hair ornament.
elegant hairstyling open hair

Beautiful - easy hairstyles self-made

This hairstyle lets women with thick hair avoid lengthy styling sessions. No more desperate attempts to curl your hair, only to lose the curls again before New Year.

The Sleek Look: classy and striking

  • Apply a heat protection product to your hair after washing it.
  • Dry thoroughly. For thick hair, we recommend a powerful hair drier like our AC Hair Dryer №631 with a top speed of 190 km/h.
  • Make a clean, straight middle parting and comb thoroughly.
  • Straighten some parts of your hair – this adds lustre and consistent structures.
  • Stick your hair to your scalp by applying styling cream from the hairline to your ears. Be sure not to use creams or gels designed for a wet look!
Elegant women in blue dress

How quickly and easily styles work will depend on your hair. Not many women are happy with their hair, and those who are tend to belong to a silent minority. All the more reason to use a tool that gets results fast. A hair straightener, curling iron and hot air brush are the safest way to try out new looks at home and slot them into your daily life quickly.

With the festive season coming, now might be the perfect time to put one of these tools in your own stocking (or under the tree). For ideas and products, check out our magazine and in our shop .

Merry Christmas and have fun styling!

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