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Drying hair gently – the hairdryer with integrated care features

Fragrant, freshly washed hair feels wonderful – but when you dry it afterwards, the heat can stress your hair all the way down to the ends. Short or long, smooth or curly, no hair type enjoys getting too much heat.

Here’s what you can do to avoid damaging your hair when you blow-dry it:

  1. Towel-dry your hair, then work in a care product for the ends and a heat protection product.
  2. Use a cooler setting for finer underhair. Top hair can handle a little more heat, particularly if it’s thicker.
  3. After you shower, pat your hair dry with a towel so it will blow dry faster. Don’t rub the hair – just press the moisture out into the towel, then allow to dry naturally for a while.
  4. Never put styling products into wet hair, because that slows down the drying process. Always dry your hair a little first – either with a dryer, or naturally.

The right hairdryer for gentle styling

Here’s a short list of everything a hairdryer needs for gentle drying:
1. Smooth, even heat distribution is the only way to avoid heat spots – ceramic coated exit grille.
2. Choice of temp settings – fine hair needs less heat than thick or frizzy hair.
3. Cool Shot button to finish your styling or to dry your ends.
4. Permanent ionization – good for keeping dry hair under control.

If you decide your hair deserves something better than the dryer you currently use, why not take a look at CARRERA №531 or Carrera №631? The air exit grille on both dryers has a coating that contains argan oil and keratin, so every time you dry your hair it adds tiny particles of both materials to the airstream. It’s no substitute for a conditioner – but it does put back a little care every time you dry.

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