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Silicon-free sun protection for your hair – the DIY hair conditioner for stressed and dry hair

Summer’s coming … and when it does, it will bring a healthy bronze glow to our skin. But the intense sunlight can also make your hair colour lose colour. So it’s wise to protect your hair as well as your skin.

Organic heat shield for your hair – make your own sun protection

Curling tongs and straighteners are not the only things that can scorch hair. Sunlight and salt water can damage it too. Read on the discover how to stop your hair splitting.

You’ll find all the basics for your DIY hair conditioner in our DIY argan oil hair conditioner recipe.

Add the following to the ingredients from the hair conditioner recipe:

1 tsp pure hempseed oil – the natural sun filter that protects your hair

Hempseed oil contains high levels (around 80%) of unsaturated fatty acids with very good care characteristics. Hempseed oil blocks UV radiation without blocking vitamin D too.
Hempseed oil is a 100% vegetable product that’s ideal for hair because it protects against salt water and sunlight without silicon.

hemp, hemp plant


  • Put the hempseed oil, argan oil and coconut oil in a glass container. Place the container in the insert in your CARRERA blender No655. Fill 1/3 with water and heat to around 80°C.
  • Place the container in cold water and allow to cool to hand temperature.
  • Add the Bioskons drops and essential oil. Stir well.
  • Pour into a suitable container. Done!

Tip: Making your own natural care products is healthier for the environment as well as for you. And with no animal testing or added chemicals, the DIY version is cheaper too. Why not give it a try? Our kitchen tools will be happy to help.

For even better hair protection, use alcohol-free styling products and a straightener, curling tong und hairdryer, that has care substances built in. Didn’t know they exist? Then it’s time to meet our styling tools. To find out more about DIY cosmetics, why not call our Powerfood hotline (089 5480 185 900). Our Powerfood Experts can tell you everything you need to know for a healthy and beautiful summer.

CARRERA Blender No 655
CARRERA Blender №655

Blender with 20000 rpm for cooking, mixing, steaming and crushing.

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