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Salt water, sun and wind are the natural styling assistants for a beach look. But even when it’s not summer outside, a beach look is easy to style.


Stroll back from the beach with salt water on your skin and sand between your toes. With hair that’s half dry and half wet and has extra volume from the salt and sand, your beach look is complete. If you want the same beach look without nature’s help, you can bring beach waves to the city with a few little tricks.

beach waves curls at beach

„How to do Beach Waves“ – THREE SIMPLE, FAST TRICKS.

This look is really easy to style and suits almost everyone. Curly or straight hair, fine or thick, long or short – beach waves bring summer to every type of hair.

1. Beach waves overnight – even for short hair: It doesn’t take much effort to get beach waves over night. Starting from the roots, divide the damp hair into lots of little strands. Make sure the hair really is damp and not wet. Next, twist each strand to form a miniature rope. Keep going until the strands lie down on the scalp and roll up into piggy tail curls. Fix the strands to the head and allow them to dry naturally. The longer the strands stay twisted, the stronger the effect will be. This styling tip is particularly easy to fit into your daily routine if you let the hair dry like this overnight. The best way is to tie a soft, loose hair band round the twisted strands – hairpins can be uncomfortable to sleep in. This method is particularly good for shorter hair; even shorter strands get the look after being twisted just once. If you want beach waves for the party and only have a few hours’ time, you need to either start early or use a diffuser on your hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Before you open the strands, make sure the hair has cooled down completely; this will strengthen the styling effect. If you’re in a hurry, use the Cool Shot feature on your drier.

2. Beach waves with curling tongs: One of the fastest ways to get beach waves is by plaiting your hair. Start by combing the damp hair thoroughly, then part it into strands and plait them tightly, starting at ear height. Next, warm each strand separately with the curling tong, then let it cool completely. Repeat two or three times. When all the hair has cooled down, remove the rubber band around the end of each strand. Use your fingers – not a comb or brush – to open and loosen the strands. For even more bounce, knead a little hair wax or curl spray into the waves.

3. Beach waves – the fast, classical DIY method with a curling iron: Dry your hair, then part it into strands. Wrap each strand around the tong separately. Make sure the hair ends are well protected against heat because they make direct contact with the hot iron. Alternatively, use a curling tong with heat protection strips. For the classical beach look, twist the hair no higher than ear level and wrap the strands round the iron completely. Summer and sun aren’t always available, but the right tools are – everything from a curling tong (which just happens to have heat protection strips) to a hairdryer with diffuser. Click here for everything your beach look could ever want:

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