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Man remove his nose hair in front of a mirror


Every beauty case should have a cosmetic trimmer! Remove nose hair safely and painlessly with the right technique, and the right trimmer.


Until recently, many people either ignored the fine hairs on sensitive spots, or got their cosmetician to remove them. In the places a man’s razor couldn’t reach, nature was simply left to take its course. Then along came nose and ear trimmers. These compact little tools were a great success, and did a reasonable job of tidying up ears and noses. Yet despite boosting some people’s sex appeal, they still weren’t exactly a topic for polite conversation.

Later on, the old-fashioned nose and ear hair trimmers evolved into cosmetic trimmers, which are now a must for every beauty case. As pioneers of facial fine-tuning, women in particular have been using them for years to trim little hairs on their upper lip or eyebrows. And now that the myth about hair growing back stronger after shaving has been debunked, men and women are free to remove the fluff around their brows, upper lip hair or protruding nose hair in seconds. With the advent of cosmetic trimmers nail scissors and tweezers have been banished, because these little professionals do the job better. One thing is particularly important when using a nose hair trimmer: take your time! Find the right tools for your well groomed look here.

Cosmetic Trimmer No 524
CARRERA Cosmetic Trimmer №524

CARRERA trimmer with gentle stainless steel cutting system.

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