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remove nose hair

Sharp blade, smooth results.

Male or female, everyone has fine hairs inside their nose to filter the air they inhale and protect their lungs from dust and dirt. But although they’re so useful nobody finds them attractive. Plucking is just too painful, so read on to discover how to remove nose hair swiftly and safely.

Pain-free nose hair removal

Believe it or not, some people still stand in front of the mirror with their nail scissors and snip away. Everyone knows most accidents happen at home, so we’ll say no more. Except, perhaps, that pharmacies have been selling so-called nose and ear trimmers for years.

Welcome to the 21st century – and cosmetic trimmers

If you thought only old men had to trim their nose hair, and anyone younger than 70 would be offended to receive a nose and ear trimmer as a gift, think again. Male or female, nose hair is fine if it stays out of sight. But when it doesn’t, it’s neither useful nor sexy.

Bid those hairs farewell – without shedding a tear.

remove nose hair

Cosmetic trimmers – the must-have all-rounder for your beauty case

Cosmetic trimmers are designed to help you shave small or sensitive areas. With their small shear blade and various attachments, they can remove any hair quickly.

What should you watch out for when buying a cosmetic trimmer or a nose and ear trimmer?

  • For a clean cut, trimmers need high quality blades.
  • Choose titanium blades. They’re rust-free and make regular cleaning (a MUST after every trim) easier.
  • Attachments let you use trimmers for eyebrows and sideburns too.
  • Avoid rotating systems. These pull hairs out and can damage the mucous membrane, which often leads to an infection.

As you can see, removing nose hair is not exactly rocket science. So at this point, may we just mention our little Cosmetic Trimmer №524? It belongs in every beauty case as your unsung stylist – as confirmed by GALA magazine.

Cosmetic Trimmer No 524
CARRERA Cosmetic Trimmer №524

CARRERA trimmer with gentle stainless steel cutting system.

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