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Lip service – lip balm for lips that are made to be kissed

Caring for lips properly is easy with our CARRERA lip balm. Treat your lips to a natural care product that’s free from artificial additives. With coconut oil and cocoa butter, this balm nourishes and regenerates at the same time.

How to protect your lips when it’s cold or dry

Just follow our DIY instructions for an effective recipe to soothe stressed lips. Sunshine, cold weather and dry air from central heating can give skin – including mouths – a hard time. With just four ingredients and four steps, we show you how to make a fragrant and nourishing lip balm.


  • 20 g organic beeswax: antibacterial, natural protective wax coating, soothes itchiness, promotes cell renewal.
  • 20 g organic coconut oil: triglyceride fats are similar to the skin structure for rapid regeneration.
  • 20 g organic cocoa butter: care properties from linoleic, palmitic, oleic and stearic acids.
  • A few drops of essential oil: the distilled essence of a plant‘s vitality, plus aroma therapy.


1 Heat some water in a pot.
2 Put all your ingredients in a glass and stand it in the hot water.
3 Let the ingredients melt, stirring continuously, until they form a consistent liquid.

4 Fill it into small pots and allow to cool. Place in the fridge to set.

Beautiful lips are made for kissing, so grab your blender and get yourself ready!

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