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shave masculine leg with beard trimmer No 623


Basically, there are three questions. Why should I take up the fight against the uncontrolled hair growth? How do I do battle? And what weapons should I choose ?


Good legs or not-so-good, all legs look better when they’re well cared for. These days, it’s not just athletes who copy the ladies and trim or shave their leg hair. Thanks to a more pronounced body cult, many German men now shave their legs before stepping out in style – particularly in summer.

When it comes to choosing the right shaver, men are not much better off than women. There are plenty of shaver and hair trimmer reviews out there that describe how the machines function. But not all legs are the same, and not everyone wants to make a science project out of the affair and search around for the winning dry shavers.


For men who’ve decided to do battle, here are a few answers and tips for the first step towards stepping out in style.


What begins as curly fluff or a dark carpet at the hip usually peaks in white socks and sandals down below. For readers who can relate to that image, we hardly need to spell out the aesthetic advantages of trimmed or shaved legs here. And as all our other readers know already, shaved men’s legs are now common in circles far beyond swimmers, racing cyclists and other high-performance athletes.


Smooth legs are easier to look after. Water and shower gel don’t have to fight their way through to the skin, and shaved legs score better in terms of hygiene too. Sweat and dirt cling less, and a quick jet of water is all it takes to remove them. Aftercare products like creams, lotions or gels are easy to apply evenly on smooth leg skin, since there are no sticky hairs and you don’t have to wait for the product to be absorbed. Paler-skinned men need to know that their hard-earned tans (particularly if they came out of a tube) fade faster if they wet shave, and can become uneven if they shave soon after applying the lotion.


Ever seen a sticking plaster that sticks to hairs, dirt or sweat? Neither have we. So in terms of medical care, shaved legs definitely score higher. And as even the bravest men will agree, shaved legs make removing plasters much less painful.


Now that we’ve dealt with the question of whether or not to shave your legs, the only remaining question is what tools to use as you enter this unknown territory. There are plenty of weapons out there to choose from. Let’s start with hair remover creams, which usually mean ominous tubes and dubious contents that rarely produce smooth results, especially on hairier legs. Epilation is on roughly the same level and is best described in one word: Ouch! Assuming we put waxing in the same painful category, that brings us to the classical options of dry or wet shaving. Providing you angle the blade sensibly, both are far less painful – and very effective.

Before wet shaving, it’s important to soften the hairs first with a shaving gel, foam or soap. You’ll need to keep the razor wet so it glides smoothly across the skin, and rinse off the lubricant after every stroke. That explains why the most pleasant place to shave is always under the shower, or at a washbasin that stands around 120 cm tall. Since these aren’t always around when you need them, tidying up your legs on the spur of the moment can be difficult. Also, you’re more likely to use the blade unevenly or less cautiously when you’re in a hurry. Any small raised areas of skin will then get hurt, which can cause cuts, irritation or tiny pimples – particularly on shins and calves. All three can itch or spoil your look, and will impair that smooth sensation you get when you touch a shaved leg.

Man shaves his leg with a razor blade, shaving foam on a leg

And let’s be honest – if we’re going to talk about New Masculinity and less body hair, let’s not think in terms of male prima ballerinas with one leg draped over the washbasin! Time to move on to dry shaving. Want to spare your skin and avoid skin irritations? Want more flexibility in terms of where you shave your legs? If so, you need a dry shave with an electric shaver. That’s kinder to skin, since the shaving head cuts the hairs off a little higher and leaves the skin untouched, particularly in delicate areas. Dry shaving is fast and easy, and you don’t need a bathroom nearby. If we wanted to be holier-than-thou, we might also point out that wet shaving also wastes natural resources (water).


As so often, practice makes perfect.

Man puts shaving foam with a shaving brush on his leg

The first time: For men who are just embarking on their below-the-chin grooming careers, we recommend you start by trimming the leg hair with a long [hair trimmer]](!carrera_622) or [beard trimmer]](!carrera_623). Dry shavers work better and easier when the path has been cleared beforehand.

The right grip: Hold the shaver at a 90-degree angle to your leg, and apply gentle pressure as you move it up and down.

The right direction: If you want to remove your hair and not just stroke it, be sure to shave against the direction of growth. The best moves for a precision shave are from ankle to knee, and from knee to the top of the thigh (don’t go any higher).

Perfect results: the secret of perfectly smooth legs is to hold the shaver correctly, and to work really thoroughly. Make sure those stubborn hairs on your knees and feet don’t feel overlooked, and keep your eyes and ears open. The blades will tell you right away how well or badly you’re doing. Quieter is better: that means the blades have done a good job and shortened the hairs sufficiently. Also, bear in mind that the backs of your thighs and calves are part of your legs too.


Perfect results again and again: Even the best technique is no use if the blades you’re using are blunt. The solution: sharpen the blade of your electric shaver in good time – or better still, replace it. To prevent inflammation, remove the shaving head regularly and clean it under running water; the last things you want in your shaver are bacteria and fungi.

Optional follow-up care: For legs that are not just smooth but mirror-smooth, consider moisturizing creams for a perfect shine. Remember to choose care products that contain no alcohol. Cooling aftershave gels or aloe vera gels are a good idea too.

Serial shavers: The only way to ensure smooth legs is by shaving regularly. When stubble returns to spoil your look and your wellbeing, it’s time to get shaving again. But since dry shaving is fast and easy and can be done virtually anywhere, staying smooth is not a big deal.

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