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Man with beard and tattoo shows shaved underarm, removed underarm hair


Lots of different factors affect how good we feel about our body. That includes sport, nutrition, wellbeing ... and more basic aspects such as bodily hygiene. Often, shaved underarms play a part in how comfortable we feel around other people.


When summer comes, body hair needs to go – particularly under your arms. Whether you’re clubbing or working out, underarm hair is a no-go. Even if Miley Cyrus and Madonna do flaunt theirs in rainbow colours, nobody actually wants to see it. Quite apart from the aesthetics, smooth underarm skin has hygienic benefits too, which in turn means less body odour.
That’s why so many women (but men too) shave under their arms every day. For those who haven’t perfected their routine already, here are a few tips on how to remove those unwanted hairs.

Woman shaved underarm


You can either shave wet or dry, or remove underarm hair by waxing, epilating or lasering it. Which method you choose will depend on how sensitive your skin is, how pain-sensitive you are, and how much time you have. Very few people still use chemicals that you apply, then scrape off with a spatula to reveal red and irritated skin. Most people wet or dry shave because unlike epilation, shaving is painless.


Men and women with sensitive skin should choose an electric shaver. The shaving heads glide across skin without irritating or damaging the top layer. How often you’ll need to shave depends on how thick your hairs are, and how fast they grow. Another advantage with electric shavers is that you can use them anytime and anywhere you wish. In the gym changing room, before you go to the beach don’t need water or foam for reliable, smooth results.


  • no redness
  • no little pimples
  • no scraped or bleeding skin
  • no wounds on birthmarks or moles
  • no shaving creams, gels or creams
  • easy re-shaving
  • ideal for ingrown hair or when you are prone to shaving rash


Underarm shaving not only has hygienic and aesthetic benefits, it’s also quick to do. Here’s how: 1) Pull your underarm skin taut for the best results. If raising your arm is not enough, try angling your hand downwards and pulling the skin with your fingers. 2) Move the shaver up, down and across until you can’t hear anything and no hairs are left standing. To avoid inflammation, always clean the shaver carefully after use by holding the shaving head under the tap. Done! Clean blades last longer too. Another tip: Never tap your electric shaver against the basin edge – this can cause tiny cracks or damage the shaving foil.


Every underarm shave affects the moisture balance of your skin. To prevent dry skin or other skin irritations, it’s good to apply a mild skin cream or a cooling lotion afterwards.
It’s best to avoid using deodorants that contain alcohol or perfume right after you shave, because they sting. That’s why it’s wise to shave in the evenings. That way, your skin can recuperate overnight – and depending on your relationship status and your plans, you may not need a deodorant for a few hours anyway. Another tip for holidaymakers, sun-worshippers and lido lovers: avoid chlorine or direct sunlight immediately after you shave.

skin care after shaving

Have fun with your underarm grooming !

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