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Trimmer №623

Blades on speed.

CARRERA №623 Trimmer with attachment and battery in total view

There’s only one solution for unwanted hair: get rid of it. Our beard trimmer does that perfectly, and you don’t even need a beard to use it. The razor-sharp, durable stainless steel blade is narrower than on a hair trimmer, hence the name. It won’t rust, and it trims without pulling or tugging. Quickly, gently and hygienically.

Benchmark cutting performance. High-tech racing material.

Who says high-alloy stainless steel is just for racing cars or drilling rigs? Surely your body deserves the same level of performance. Our premium grade steel is not only incredibly sharp, it also holds its edge incredibly well. And because the beard trimmer has a narrower cutting head than our hair trimmer (just 35 mm wide), you can work even more accurately.

CARRERA №623 Trimmer stainless-steel cutting set CARRERA №623 Trimmer technics image

Keep your distance.

Once your hair or beard reaches the perfect length, you want it to stay there. With the comb attachments for 4 to 14 mm, you’re always in control.

CARRERA №623 Trimmer vario attachable comb extended CARRERA №623 Trimmer vario attachable comb retracted

Small is beautiful.

Millimetres may sound small, but we wanted more (or less). So our precision adjuster works with fractions of a millimetre instead, namely 0.8 and 1.2 and 1.6 and 2.0 mm. Designer stubble or a five-o’-clock shadow all over your head? It’s in your hands.

CARRERA №623 Trimmer vario fine adjustment from 0.8 mm to 2 mm CARRERA №623 Trimmer fine adjustment 3 days' beard

Because our tools are too beautiful for the drawer.

Even when your appliance isn't in use it should be nice to look at. That's why we've developed a universal charging base for our grooming tools on which it will attract looks and recharge for its next use.

CARRERA Charging Base go to product
  • Removable cutting head

    Even the sharpest stainless steel cutting head enjoys a nice wash and a drop of oil now and again. And repays you with maximum cutting performance.

  • LED Display

    Check your battery’s charge level (in percent) or your fine adjustment setting (in millimetres) at a glance. Travel lock status? Check. There’s even a charge prompt for when the charge level gets critical.

  • High performance battery

    The powerful, fast-charging battery pack makes you independent of mains power. Treat it well, and your Lithium-Ion battery will even forget there’s such a thing as a memory effect.

  • We love details

    We certainly said that before. However, this love does not just stop at the packaging. So our tools are presented on CARRERA yellow background with a little text informing about the key features.

  • Protective bag

    A storage bag not only pays off for all accessories when travelling, but also protects your appliance from sharp edges, and the attachment combs from loss and misplacing. We’re just saying.

  • Charging via USB

    Went on a trip without mains adapter? Never mind, you can just charge your CARRERA tool via USB, for example using your laptop. Your USB flexibility will only stop if your computer offers more than 5V and 1000mAh.

  • One attachment for all lengths.

    Form follows imagination! This beard comb attachment goes from 4–14 mm to give your beard the exact style you had in mind. It adjusts infinitely for maximum precision.


Charging base

With its flexible silicon insert, this universal charger fits all our grooming tools, saving space and cords. The suction pad holds the charger firmly in place.

Product specs

Product specs

Professional stainless steel cutting system with titanium coated cutting blade
Removable cutting system
Variable attachment comb for different cutting lengths: 4–14 mm
Cutting length fine adjustment integrated in the appliance: 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2.0 mm
Rechargeable/mains-operated for cord and cordless use
High-performance lithium battery with flexible USB charge possible, on devices with a max. of 5 V/1000 mAh of power
Power charge: 90 min
Operating time: 60 min
Digital LED display to indicate the cutting length, battery state in %, travel lock and the request to charge the appliance
Colour: CRR Graphite Grey / Titanium
Accessories: USB mains adapter, cleaning brush, oil, 1 variable cutting length attachment, storage pouch
EAN: 4250812801654

Price: €79.90* – plus shipping costs – Delivery time: 3-4 days Images can deviate from product
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