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Shaver №521

More blades. More power. Less work.

CARRERA №521 Shaver for ladies & gentlemen with battery in total view

Shaving should be quick and thorough. No, that’s not a contradiction. It just means your shaver needs to choreograph as many blades as possible, then let them float freely on three planes / in three dimensions. Then sharp blades can work precisely to create sharp contours. Wet or dry.

  • 4-Track-System
  • Removable shaving head
  • Rubberized handle
  • Integrated
    contour hair trimmer
  • Digital display
  • High capacity battery, quick-charge function
CARRERA №521 Shaver quadruple cutting system part 1 CARRERA №521 Shaver quadruple cutting system part 2 02 highshaver part3

No backbone. Unlike you.

The blades are mounted on more than one swivel axis, so they follow your facial contours perfectly with every movement. Again, more blades plus more skin contact equals more cutting performance – and a closer shave.

You can never have too many blades.

The key to efficient shaving is to use the sharpest possible blades on the biggest possible area in one go, using our 4-Track system. It has three shaver foils – plus an integrated trimmer that preshaves you gently and thoroughly as you shave.

CARRERA №521 Shaver quadruple cutting system folded out CARRERA №521 Shaver with 3-D shaving head detailed view

Contours, quickly.

Why switch tools when you want to detail? With an integrated trimmer, you can tidy up straight away. This picture shows you the soft touch grip surfaces nicely too.

CARRERA №521 Shaver with contour shaver folded out CARRERA №521 Shaver contour shaver folded up

Memory effect?
Forget it.

Capacity is key when it comes to rechargable batteries. Our high-performance lithium- ion batteries store an impressive 800 mAh, but no memory effect. You can work for a full hour on a single charge. And even when they’re totally flat, a five-minute Power Boost is all you need for a single shave.

CARRERA №521 Shaver battery operation CARRERA №521 Shaver grid operation

A modern cockpit is a digital cockpit.

The digital display has an extra-large charge status indicator that tells you where you stand, and how long you’ve got. Travel lock? Check. Charge prompt? Check.

CARRERA №521 Shaver digital LED display and lithium high performance battery

Because our tools are too beautiful for the drawer.

Even when your appliance isn't in use it should be nice to look at. That's why we've developed a universal charging base for our grooming tools on which it will attract looks and recharge for its next use.

CARRERA Charging Base go to product
  • The perfect example of a handle!

    When touching an appliance, one immediately receives a first feedback about its quality. Apart from that, our soft touch elements lend the feeling that the shaver remains safely and easily operable even with wet hands.

  • Removable shaving head!

    Where wood is chopped, splinters must fall. And where shaving is performed with precision and power, tiny stubbles and particles of the outer skin layer will gather. The shaving system can, of course, be removed for easy cleaning under water. Not only will clean blades shave longer, but also more gently.

  • Load & Shave

    Need to shave, but your battery is empty? No problem – just plug your shaver in and carry on while it recharges. That’s not multitasking, it's normal.

  • Protective bag

    Make sure your shaver wears it when travelling! Since shaving foils are very delicate, you should not forget the protective cap either.

  • We love details

    We certainly said that before. However, this love does not just stop at the packaging. So our tools are presented on CARRERA yellow background with a little text about the key features.

  • Charging via USB

    Went on a trip without mains adapter? Never mind, you can just charge your CARRERA tool via USB, for example using your laptop. Your USB flexibility will only stop if your computer offers more than 5V and 1000mAh.


Charging base

With its flexible silicon insert, this universal charger fits all our grooming tools, saving space and cords. The suction pad holds the charger firmly in place.

Product specs

Product specs

4-track cutting system with integrated long hair trimmer and 3 spring-loaded cutting blades
Wet & Dry shaver
3D shaving head: multidirectional shaving head
Tool completely washable under runninng water (IPX 6)
Rechargeable/mains-operated for cord and cordless use
High-performance lithium battery
Flexible USB charge possible, on devices with a max. of 5 V/1000 mAh of power
Integrated precision trimmer
Digital LED display to indicate the battery state, travel lock, request to charge the appliance and for cleaning
Power charge: 90 min
Boost charge function: 5 min charge for one single shave
Operating time: 60 min
Colour: CRR Graphite Grey / Titanium
Accessories: USB mains adapter, storage pouch, cleaning brush, protective cap
EAN: 4250812802095

Price: €179.00* – plus shipping costs – Delivery time: 3-4 days Images can deviate from product

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